Various Features of the Swift Programming Language

There are only a few months left until the new year. This indicates that it is time to anticipate the technological advancements that will rule the software sector by 2022. As the new year approaches, we want to assist you in becoming more knowledgeable about the future trends. Today, we'll talk about Swift.

Swift is an open-source programming language developed by Apple that may be applied to any situation. Python served as inspiration for it, which makes it simple and quick. Swift is mostly used for macOS and iOS native development. Many well-known apps, including Lyft, LinkedIn, and WordPress, were made using the Swift programming language. Swift is a top-notch programming language for iOS. Let's learn more about this dialect!

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What is Swift?

Swift is a multi-paradigm, open-source programming language that can be utilised with watchOS, macOS, and iPadOS. In order to give developers a strong language for producing iOS apps, Apple created it in 2014. According to, the language is secure, quick, expressive, and simple to learn. According to, C-based languages are to be replaced by Swift. Swift is constantly changing, and the community is expanding. The source code for Swift is accessible on GitHub. Because of this, anyone can easily discover the code.

Swift: Why should I learn it?

Swift was developed to be user-friendly and straightforward to understand. Swift was created by Apple with novice programmers in mind. Whether you are still in school or looking for a job move, Swift is a language that is straightforward to learn and grasp. A wonderful place to start is with the iPad app Swift Playgrounds, which teaches Swift coding.

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Once you've mastered Swift, you'll be a sought-after prospect for employers. Swift programmers are in high demand. According to Apple, the corporation has generated about two million employment in America. The average iOS developer income in the US is $116,804, according to Indeed. If you're interested in developing mobile applications, you should learn Swift.

Swift features

Powerful generics

You can build adaptable, reusable functions that work with any type using generics.

Native error handling

Swift provides runtime functionality for throwing, catching, and propagating errors.

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Classes and structures

In one file, Swift enables you to declare a structure, class, or other object. Any code can use the external interface.

Extensions to the protocol

Instead of doing so in global functions or individual conformances, Swift enables the definition of behaviour using protocols.

Memory safety

Swift automatically maintains your memory and guards against hazardous behaviour in your code.

Memory management

Swift uses Automatic Reference Counting to monitor and control how much memory our app uses. The management of memory is not a concern.

Flexible enumerations

Enums written in Swift can match patterns and have payloads.

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