Different Types of Engineering

types of engineering

Because there are so many various kinds of engineering, selecting the one that is best for you may be difficult. To help you make decisions, you should work to identify your passions. What piques your interest, and how do you prefer to pass the time? Which engineering-related answer excites you the most? Every aspect of engineering requires solving issues (and typically aims to make life simpler). If you choose a subject that naturally interests you, it will be easier for you to stay motivated during your course and remain captivated with the subject while pursuing an engineering career.


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Different Types of Engineering

Aerospace/aeronautical engineering  

The research, development, design, construction, testing, science, and technology of aeroplanes are the main areas of engineering in this topic. By studying astronautical engineering, you might concentrate on ships and the hostile environment of space.

Chemical engineering 

This type of engineering focuses on using chemical and biological processes to produce useful materials or substances. It is an interdisciplinary field of research that incorporates natural and experimental sciences, mathematics, economics, and life sciences (such as biology, microbiology, and biochemistry) (such as chemistry and physics).

Civil engineering  

Civil engineering is the art and science of planning and building infrastructure projects. This can be done on a global scale, such as when building a country's water supply or transportation networks, or on a smaller scale, such as when building specific roads or buildings.


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Computer engineering 

Computer engineering is the design and prototyping of computer hardware and software. Given that this topic includes electrical engineering and computer science, you may decide to study computer engineering in addition to one of these associated disciplines.


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Electrical/electronic engineering 

Electrical and electronics engineering both place a strong focus on electrical power applications. Electrical engineers are largely focused on the large-scale generation and supply of electrical power, in contrast to electronics engineers who focus on much tiny electronic circuits like those found in computers.

Mechanical engineering 

The creation, manufacture, and maintenance of mechanical systems fall within the purview of mechanical engineering, one of the oldest and most varied engineering specialties. You'll learn about statics and dynamics, fluid dynamics, stress analysis, technical drawing, mechanics, and stress analysis.

Engineering management 

Another interdisciplinary field, engineering management, has lately grown as a result of universities developing specialised engineering management programmes in response to industry demand for engineers with a management focus. These classes, which were typically developed in conjunction with the engineering and business schools, combine knowledge of business with skills in industrial engineering. You might combine one of the aforementioned engineering disciplines with management education.


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